Hailu Xu Participate CLOUD 2019 at San Diego

Hailu presented ELVES lab work “Exploiting the Spam Correlations in Scalable Online Social Spam Detection” in the conference CLOUD 2019 at San Diego.

The presentation can be found at here.

The paper’s abstract is as below:

The huge amount of social spam from large-scale social net-works has been a common phenomenon in the contemporary world. The majority of former research focused on improving the efficiency of identifying social spam from a limited size of data in the algorithm side,however, few of them target on the data correlations among large-scaled is tributed social spam and utilize the benefits from the system side.In this paper, we propose a new scalable system, named SpamHunter,which can utilize the spam correlations from distributed data sources toenhance the performance of large-scale social spam detection. It identifies the correlated social spam from various distributed servers/sources through DHT-based hierarchical functional trees. These functional treesact as bridges among data servers/sources to aggregate, exchange, and communicate the updated and newly emerging social spam with each other. Furthermore, by processing the online social logs instantly, it al-lows online streaming data to be processed in a distributed manner,which reduces the online detection latency and avoids the inefficiency of outdated spam posts. Our experimental results with real-world social logs demonstrate that SpamHunter reaches 95% F1 score in the spam detection, achieves high efficiency in scaling to a large amount of data servers with low latency.