About Us

Our lab conducts experimental systems research, specifically addressing high performance and enterprise applications on virtualized and distributed platforms; focusing on big data analytics systems, specific research interests include runtime adaptation, methods for online resource management, and system support solving enterprise motivated real-world problems that embody complicated data analytics; focusing on systems virtualization, research interests range from basic technologies to innovative technology application.

Join Us

Our lab targets training students towards becoming first-class systems researchers and system builders. We are looking for passionate students who are interested in big data systems, systems virtualization and distributed systems to join us!

Recent Publications

  • CLOUD’18: “Oases: An Online Scalable Spam Detection System for Social Networks”
  • CLOUD’18: “A Toolset for Detecting Containerized Application’s Dependencies in CaaS Clouds”
  • ICAC’17: “GOVERNOR: Smoother Stream Processing Through Smarter Backpressure”